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MATC Lifeguard App

A Lifeguard In Your Pocket


MATC Lifeguard

The Lifeguard In Your Pocket

MATC™ Lifeguard (pronounced MATTS) is the modern, interconnected community hub and a life-saving app for those overwhelmed with anxiety and considering taking their own life. Pressing the app button for 5 seconds transmits a distress call to MATC™ Lifesaving Ambassadors, who are notified of their location and come to the rescue. The app also has a direct link to the police and ambulance services.

MATC™ Lifeguard is the digital friend in your pocket whenever you need him. MATC™ plan to partner with The Mayor of London, local councils, psychologists and therapists for which a user can subscribe and gain mentoring, therapy and 1-2-1 support. remotely.
MATC™ Lifeguard plans to run beta tests and pilot the project with support from companies who are mindful of the power of human connection and anxiety.


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